How to find out the number of users on your hosting server?

How many user accounts are there on your hosting server? You can look up the number of server user accounts by the following command via SSH:

wc -l /etc/passwd

And it may output something like this:

76 /etc/passwd

Which means there are a total of 76 active users in the system. However, the actual number of human users of the server should be lower than the amount because there are system users created to carry out certain tasks.

Multiply the amount by 5 and you may get a rough number of websites hosted on your server.

Create a local static mirror of your WordPress blog by SSH command wget

wget command should be available in most hosting companies who offer SSH access to your hosting account. It is usually used to download stuff from the remote server, for example, to download something:


However, there’s yet another hidden trick of wget that could enable you to make a mirror backup of any website – well, not actually any website but wget feels more comfortable with certain sites. WordPress blogs are perfect candidates for wget to mirror. Mirroring a WordPress blog can be done by a very simple switch of the wget command through SSH:

wget -mk

All the documents relationships and HTML links will be taken care of so that local browsing of the mirrored copy will be completely no problem.