Rackspace Cloud Servers (Cloud VPS) for Windows is out of Beta!

Rackspace Cloud: Last week we formally launched Cloud Servers for Windows and opened the doors for new customers. We only released Cloud Servers for Windows after a successful, strenuous beta program that thoroughly tested the product. Over two thousand customers, just like you, provided critical feedback that our developers expertly addressed. This feedback loop ensured that we had the right features in place and allows us to back our Windows offering with an industry leading SLA.

If you’re a .NET developer, small-to-medium sized business, or IT administrator, spinning up new servers takes little time and cost as little as $0.08 per hour. Watch a quick video to see how easy it is to create a Windows Cloud Server.

You can learn more about Cloud Servers for Windows, including pricing information, online at our website.

How to count the number of files in a tar archive?

So you have a tar archive file and you want to know the number of files in it without expanding it. You know the text counter program ‘wc’? You can count the number of lines from the input by:

wc -l file.txt

You know how to list the content (files and directories) of a tar archive?

tar --list example.tar

Now you just combine these two to count the number of lines of the files list of the tar archive:

tar --list example.tar | wc -l

So that you have the number of files in the tar file example.tar. The pipe means relaying the output of the previous command to the next command as input.