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Rackspace Managed Private Clouds

This is for those that want the cloud, but not the headaches or IT management and need more security and support.

Built on dedicated, branded servers running VMware, these environments are protected by your dedicated Rackspace firewalls. They are designed to provide you with the best of both Cloud and Managed Hosting. So, the most important benefits of the Cloud-resource and budget optimization with rapid scaling up or down – can be had with the higher security and improved reliability of a Rackspace Managed Hosting Solution.

Our Managed Private Clouds are an even more secure and reliable approach to public Clouds.

And the best part is, you don’t have to invest in or build and manage your own Enterprise class private cloud to make it happen. We make it happen for you from the data center, to the network, to the VMs. All the nonstop work – purchasing the components and licenses, configuring your Private Cloud, patching operating systems and troubleshooting issues whenever they pop up – is taken care of on our end.

All you need to do is decide if one of our three recommended configurations will do the trick for you. Or if you want a built-to-fit solution based on your specific needs, we can do that too. Our around-the-clock Fanatical Support will take care of the rest.

The Smart Way to Scale

  1. Rapid VM provisioning makes scaling easier.
  2. Purchase custom configured VMs as you go and pay for them only when they’re turned on.
  3. Dedicated network and host machines provide added security.
  4. Automatic recovery keeps your up and running by providing redundancy.

Rackspace Hosting Announcing Hybrid/Cloud Connect General Availability

Rackspace continues to reinforce its leadership role as the world’s leading specialist in the hosting and cloud industry by providing our Channel Partners with a complete portfolio of compute platforms‚ ranging from Dedicated Hosting to Private Cloud to Cloud and Email & Apps Hosting.

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Cloud Connect in the US. Through mixing-and-matching compute platforms in a “hybrid” scenario‚ Cloud Connect provides you the ability to link these multiple platforms into a seamless compute solution.

This new service provides you with the opportunity to engage with existing and new clients by creating the best configuration and optimal compute solution for their unique business needs.

Important Definitions
  • Hybrid Hosting: A single customer using multiple Rackspace platforms (i.e. Dedicated Hosting‚ Private Cloud‚ Rackspace Cloud‚ Email & Apps)
  • Cloud Connect: The linking of multiple Rackspace platforms (with an F5® load balancer or ASA firewall) into a seamless compute solution (i.e. Dedicated Servers + Rackspace Cloud)
Ideal Cloud Connect Configuration
  • The minimum configuration for Cloud Connect should be at least 5 servers in total between Dedicated and Cloud devices
Use Cases
  • Scalable Web Apps:
    • Dedicated Hosting with high performance‚ fully configurable gear for supporting predictable load
    • Leverage the Rackspace Cloud for spikes in load and scale storage on demand
  • Test‚ Development & Production:
    • Develop‚ test and stage on scalable‚ fast-to-deploy Cloud Servers
    • Promote directly to the Dedicated Hosting production environment
    • Scale up massively for full scale load testing‚ pay only for the time you’re testing
  • SaaS‚ VAR or Web Developer:
    • Mix-and-match Dedicated and Cloud Hosting to best support your customers’ individual needs and usage patterns
    • Connect Dedicated and Cloud to enable multi-customer central management of your SaaS application
Cloud Connect Key Benefits
  • Enables the right fit between customer application and compute platform
  • Provides a private‚ isolated link between Rackspace Cloud and Rackspace Dedicated environment‚ utilizing an F5 Load Balancer (LTM 1600 or higher) or Cisco® ASA firewall (5510 or higher)
  • Provides existing Dedicated and Cloud server service levels

Cloud Connect: Where Dedicated Hardware and Cloud Hosting Come Together

While we like to think the Cloud is for everyone, we do realize it’s not for every use case. Some situations require both the benefits of dedicated hardware and the on-demand, scalability of the cloud. We have debuted a service offering called Cloud Connect, currently in beta, which provides the benefits of both worlds.

Learn more from Toby Owen, Rackspace Product Manager for Hybrid Hosting Solutions, on our blog.

Rackspace Cloud Servers (Cloud VPS) for Windows is out of Beta!

Rackspace Cloud: Last week we formally launched Cloud Servers for Windows and opened the doors for new customers. We only released Cloud Servers for Windows after a successful, strenuous beta program that thoroughly tested the product. Over two thousand customers, just like you, provided critical feedback that our developers expertly addressed. This feedback loop ensured that we had the right features in place and allows us to back our Windows offering with an industry leading SLA.

If you’re a .NET developer, small-to-medium sized business, or IT administrator, spinning up new servers takes little time and cost as little as $0.08 per hour. Watch a quick video to see how easy it is to create a Windows Cloud Server.

You can learn more about Cloud Servers for Windows, including pricing information, online at our website.

How to count the number of files in a tar archive?

So you have a tar archive file and you want to know the number of files in it without expanding it. You know the text counter program ‘wc’? You can count the number of lines from the input by:

wc -l file.txt

You know how to list the content (files and directories) of a tar archive?

tar --list example.tar

Now you just combine these two to count the number of lines of the files list of the tar archive:

tar --list example.tar | wc -l

So that you have the number of files in the tar file example.tar. The pipe means relaying the output of the previous command to the next command as input.

WiredTree Coupon Codes for VPS and Dedicated Hosting Discounts

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So WiredTree coupons and discounts, you can use these coupon codes to get generous discounts from them. In case you are curious, I wrote a WiredTree review so that you know what these guys are like that you are going to deal with.

Save $25 on Rackspace Cloud Servers Hosting with Promo Code

Crucial Update: This coupon code as well as the $25 discount promotion will be ended by March 18th, 2010 by Rackspace Cloud. If you are still making up the mind to sign up with them, now is the time.

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The cloud of Rackspace, the world leader in dedicated server hosting, Rackspace Cloud is running a promotional campaign at present to offer $25 discount on their premium cloud infrastructure, Cloud Sites to all new hosting clients. To enjoy this offer and get the referral discount, simply use their exclusive Cloud Sites promo code:

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And enter the code in the Promo or Referral Code box to claim it when you are signing up with them. Here are some reviews of Rackspace Cloud to help you decide.

Jointly Hosted: Undersold Shared Dedicated Hosting Server

As I said at one of the forums, if you plan your website to be a hobbyist one or a spamming one, by all means, use any of the cheap shared hosting services out there. It’s unreliable and non-business-worthy but it’s cheap, and subsequently lots of crap sites are hosted there. It will gain you no SEO advantage from an IP point of view and your sites will be down multiple times a week.

If you value your time spent on developing and promoting your website, if you want your online business to grow in a good neighborhood recognizable by Google, if you hate overselling as I do, if you would love a honest undersold host and a clean dedicated server, you should come to Jointly Hosted, the non-profit host dream for friendly and ethical people who deserve a powerful, clean server to host their endeavors.

DreamHost Discount Code for 6 Lifetime Free Domain Registrations

That’s right. I’m now exclusively releasing this particular dreamhost discount code for readers of Shanghai Web Hosting. You can get 5 extra domain registrations that are free for a LIFETIME. Plus the one that comes free by default, you can practically have 6 free top level domains on this hosting account for a life time.

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For disclosure, I will get $5 reward from Dreamhost if you use this code to purchase their hosting services.

The one dedicated server deal you’ll ever need

Need ultimate web hosting on a dedicated server?

How about Dual Xeon 2.8Ghz, 2GB RAM, 2×73GB SCSI?

Hosting the server at one of the top Data Centers of United States?

With 10TB free bandwidth?

How much do you think this setup would cost you per month?




Well, now you can get this server hosted by The Planet for just $89 per month. Just use this The Planet hosting coupon code.

Terse yet extremely to the point Linux Security tips and step to step guide

If you are just like me who is disgusted of reading through large chunks of texts for the only particular thing that he’s interested, securing Linux can’t be any more straightforward with this exhaustive list written by Kurt Seifried. Specially made for Linux novices who are just starting to harden his servers against malicious attempts, it is a good read not only because it’s useful but also because it’s easy to follow and digest.

Here we go: http://seifried.org/security/os/linux/20020324-securing-linux-step-by-step.html

How to find out the Linux distro release and the version number of your server?

To check the version date of your OS (Linux distros):

uname -v

To find out the release:

uname -r

To display and show the complete kernel signature of your hosting server:

uname -a

Something like this will output similar information concerning your Linux kernel:

cat /proc/version

If you haven’t had the uname utility installed, you can get the kernel release version by:

cat /proc/sys/kernel/osrelease

You may also be interested in some other useful things to see within /proc.

How to find out the number of users on your hosting server?

How many user accounts are there on your hosting server? You can look up the number of server user accounts by the following command via SSH:

wc -l /etc/passwd

And it may output something like this:

76 /etc/passwd

Which means there are a total of 76 active users in the system. However, the actual number of human users of the server should be lower than the amount because there are system users created to carry out certain tasks.

Multiply the amount by 5 and you may get a rough number of websites hosted on your server.