How is the web hosting industry different in China?

How Internet marketing and web businesses work in mainland China is substantially different from how things are in the English speaking world. It’s no exception with the web hosting industry that comes in as a fundamental part of all Internet businesses.

As a result of the lack of necessary legal accountability (it can be hard, with bureaucracy and a population of 1.4 billion), web plagiarism is pervading and generally deemed acceptable if the copying website leaves the credits intact, even with materials that are published with full rights reserved.

Understandably, there comes the subsequent abundance of web page scrapers, programmed automatic harvesting demons and intruding robots running all over the web and stealing things from each other. The last thing any web hosting providers in China want to do, is to provide a lot of bandwidth or monthly transfer to website owners. Currently as the most expensive resource, it’ll definitely be fully exploited and used up, causing substantial trouble to hosting providers and data centers.

Therefore, the major difference between web hosting in China and that in western countries is that the monthly transfer or bandwidth quota and server disk storage are incredibly much much smaller.

For instance, a $8 / month shared plan would now offer like dozens of TBs of monthly transfer and several TB storage from major cheap hosting providers. Some are even hyping with unlimited resources for the entry level shared plans costing no more than $15. However in China, with $8 / month which is roughly 650 RMB Yuan per year will only secure a monthly transfer of a few GBs or less and a disk storage of merely hundreds of MBs. That’s thousands times less competitive gauging from the same price level.

A hosting company so stingy in offerings will simply vanish in the western web hosting market, but in China, it just has to be this way.