How to know the physical location of a website domain or tell where a site is hosted?

To trace and know where a website is hosted physically (server location), you will first get its IP address and then query it for the geo location. Many online tools and IP databases offer such free services such as IP to Location. It not only converts the IP to a physical location but also tries to give the institution (companies, data centers, national organizations, etc.) that’s responsible for the IP address based on IP ranges distribution table with an option to map the IP geographically.

Oh wait, I think I forget about how to get the IP address of a website. All after all, you can ping the domain name to get the IP address of the site from command line. Or, you can use domain IP lookup tools such as this one. It not only gives you the IP address of the particular domain URL but also pokes the server around and guesses what other sites are possibly being hosted on that IP.

Actually, there’s a much simpler one to consult when you need to know the physical location of a site and where the website is hosted: Domain Tools. By querying a domain, it gives you the IP where the domain / site is currently hosted and also the organization or data center (might be a hosting company) that’s administering the IP. Very good tool to know where a site or domain is hosted.