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Rackspace Cloud Pricing

Rackspace Cloud is the de facto leader in cloud hosting. Make no mistake, and you would find them to be the most cost-effective solution AND the best supported cloud offer. No joke.

rackspace cloud pricing

Rackspace Cloud Pricing

1. Cloud Servers – $0.015 / Hour

But that’s just for the Cloud Servers which is priced at $0.015 / hour or $10.95 / month, no matter what you choose for the system, Linux or Windows. You manage, monitor, and secure the system yourself.

rackspace cloud servers bandwidth pricing

Cloud Servers bandwidth pricing

2. Cloud Files – $0.15 / GB / Month

State of the art programmable cloud storage for online data hosting / retrieval at comet speeds, Cloud Files is priced at $0.15 / GB / Month.

rackspace cloud files bandwidth pricing

Cloud Files bandwidth pricing

3. Cloud Servers with Managed Service Level – $0.135 / Hour + $100 / Month

This is the ultimate Cloud Servers plan with Managed Service Level which is priced at $0.135 / hour plus $100 / month. It includes the simple Cloud Servers plan and the Cloud Files plan. Rackspace manages, monitors, and secures the system for you.

rackspace cloud servers bandwidth pricing

Cloud Servers bandwidth pricing

4. Cloud Sites – $149 / Month

Cloud Sites is like their classic Dedicated Hosting in the cloud. It’s fully managed with a worry-free SLA. Current pricing starts at $149 / month. It includes the simple Cloud Servers plan and the Cloud Files plan. Rackspace manages, monitors, and secures the system for you.

rackspace cloud sites pricing

Cloud Sites pricing

5. Cloud Load Balancers – $0.015 / Hour

Load balancing solution on-demand, Cloud Load Balancers starts at $0.015 / hour.

rackspace cloud load balancers pricing

Cloud Load Balancers pricing

rackspace cloud load balancers bandwidth pricing

Cloud Load Balancers bandwidth pricing

More Facts

  1. Cloud Servers (Managed Service Level) and Cloud Sites are mutually exclusive. You can’t order both at once.
  2. Bandwidth costs vary by product.

2-year Linode Review – Prince of Unmanaged Hosting

linodeUnmanaged hosting wasn’t my thing at first but as I was eager to learn something new and it’s just much cheaper than managed hosting, I found one with the most positive reviews – Linode.

It’s all simple and to the point. Period. And I never looked back after using them. Though it’s very much painful for me to manage the vps box myself, it’s a great learning experience after all and I did learn a lot!

Linode is probably the cheapest VPS in all unmanaged hosting companies but it’s far from the worst. In opposite, they are the best and most cost-effective. RAM of 512MB hardly comes by at less than $20 / month these days. And they have got a very hearty community of users! They are eager to help those who need tips to set up and harden their boxes against security breaches.

Their control panel is very cozy – not fancy but just to the point. Everything’s well aligned where they should be. Very well organized. Easy to use and very intuitive. I love it very much.

They also have a very comprehensive documentation library that you could look up stuff in case you don’t know how to do something by yourself.

The only down time I experienced was a power outage or something that lasted about 3 hours. Other than that, it’s all a breeze. The server is responsive and stable.

I would recommend Linode to anyone who’s good at managing the hosting server themselves!

4.8/5 from me.

How to count the number of files in a tar archive?

So you have a tar archive file and you want to know the number of files in it without expanding it. You know the text counter program ‘wc’? You can count the number of lines from the input by:

wc -l file.txt

You know how to list the content (files and directories) of a tar archive?

tar --list example.tar

Now you just combine these two to count the number of lines of the files list of the tar archive:

tar --list example.tar | wc -l

So that you have the number of files in the tar file example.tar. The pipe means relaying the output of the previous command to the next command as input.

The one dedicated server deal you’ll ever need

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How to find out the Linux distro release and the version number of your server?

To check the version date of your OS (Linux distros):

uname -v

To find out the release:

uname -r

To display and show the complete kernel signature of your hosting server:

uname -a

Something like this will output similar information concerning your Linux kernel:

cat /proc/version

If you haven’t had the uname utility installed, you can get the kernel release version by:

cat /proc/sys/kernel/osrelease

You may also be interested in some other useful things to see within /proc.

Create a local static mirror of your WordPress blog by SSH command wget

wget command should be available in most hosting companies who offer SSH access to your hosting account. It is usually used to download stuff from the remote server, for example, to download something:

wget http://www.google.com/money.zip

However, there’s yet another hidden trick of wget that could enable you to make a mirror backup of any website – well, not actually any website but wget feels more comfortable with certain sites. WordPress blogs are perfect candidates for wget to mirror. Mirroring a WordPress blog can be done by a very simple switch of the wget command through SSH:

wget -mk http://www.example.com

All the documents relationships and HTML links will be taken care of so that local browsing of the mirrored copy will be completely no problem.

Best Linux Server Administration Books for Learning Linux

In the web hosting industry, Linux is undoubtedly the No. 1 server OS that has been used and talked about. With so many differently branded distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS, the basic part has always been the same – the file system, the open source packages, the commands, the shell programming and so forth. It’s a hard nut to crack, but with a few good guides and books, you will soon be on your way of becoming a professional server administration.

Web Developers / Designers’ Books:

  1. Best HTML Books
  2. Best CSS Books
  3. Best JavaScript Books
  4. Best PHP Books
  5. Best MySQL Books
  6. Best Linux Books
  7. Best Apache Books (mod_rewrite Books)
  8. Best Web Hosting Books

A Practical Guide to Linux(R) Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming

A Practical Guide to Linux(R) Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming

Linux Pocket Guide

Linux Pocket Guide

Linux in a Nutshell, 5th Edition

Linux in a Nutshell, 5th Edition

Linux Administration: A Beginner’s Guide, Fifth Edition

Linux Administration A Beginner's Guide, Fifth Edition

Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux (Versions 8.10 and 8.04), A (2nd Edition)

Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux (Versions 8.10 and 8.04), A (2nd Edition)

How Linux Works

How Linux Works

Linux Administration Handbook (2nd Edition)

Linux Administration Handbook (2nd Edition)

Ubuntu Linux Toolbox: 1000+ Commands for Ubuntu and Debian Power Users

Ubuntu Linux Toolbox 1000  Commands for Ubuntu and Debian Power Users