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A Small Orange Coupon Codes for 15% Hosting Discounts

Save the rubbish. Here are the promotional coupon codes for A Small Orange.

Just click the orange coupons below to claim the discounts. I would appreciate it if you can click this link to be my referral so I earn a commission for your order.

Click to claim: 15% off any annual order

Click To Open/Copy

Click to claim: $5 off any order

Click To Open/Copy

These 2 codes will NEVER expire. So feel free to hand out to your friends!


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WiredTree Coupon Codes for VPS and Dedicated Hosting Discounts

It’s been a while since my last post here. If you are still subscribing to this blog, I deeply appreciate it and would like to invite you to subscribe to my other blog which is much more tended. I publish related stuff such as web hosting reviews and deals there as well as my path to making grand money online which I hope would be of help to people like you.

So WiredTree coupons and discounts, you can use these coupon codes to get generous discounts from them. In case you are curious, I wrote a WiredTree review so that you know what these guys are like that you are going to deal with.

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DreamHost Discount Code for 6 Lifetime Free Domain Registrations

That’s right. I’m now exclusively releasing this particular dreamhost discount code for readers of Shanghai Web Hosting. You can get 5 extra domain registrations that are free for a LIFETIME. Plus the one that comes free by default, you can practically have 6 free top level domains on this hosting account for a life time.

Just find a text box called “Promo Code” when you are signing up at Dreamhost and enter in the box this discount code:


That’s it. Finish the ordering process and you will have a shiny Dreamhost hosting account in no time!

For disclosure, I will get $5 reward from Dreamhost if you use this code to purchase their hosting services.

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The one dedicated server deal you’ll ever need

Need ultimate web hosting on a dedicated server?

How about Dual Xeon 2.8Ghz, 2GB RAM, 2×73GB SCSI?

Hosting the server at one of the top Data Centers of United States?

With 10TB free bandwidth?

How much do you think this setup would cost you per month?




Well, now you can get this server hosted by The Planet for just $89 per month. Just use this The Planet hosting coupon code.

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$25 Rackspace Cloud Coupon and Referral Code for Rackspace Cloud Sites Hosting

mosso cloud hostingCrucial Update: The promo code (Code ID=134) as well as the $25 discount promotion will be ended by March 18th, 2010 by Rackspace Cloud. If you are still making up the mind to sign up with them, now is the time.

Activate Promo Code (ID=134) at »

Mosso (now Rackspace cloud) is probably the only hosting business that’s completely on a monthly subscription model, no discount incentives or whatsoever to lure you into yearly contracts, enabling its customers to leave anytime they want.

After some talk with Rackspace cloud, Shanghai Web Hosting is delighted to present our readers with a special Rackspace Cloud coupon code or referral code for the Cloud Sites hosting plan:

(Claim Code) click to activate, ID=134

This permanent Rackspace referral coupon code will guarantee a $25 discount (rebate / refund after full payment) from the first month at Mosso, now the RackSpace Cloud hosting. Just enter the code in the Promo or Referral Code text box when supplying your credit card details.

You don’t need to worry about the refund policy as well, because you can still qualify for a full refund for the 1st month after using this coupon code for Rackspace Cloud Sites.

See Promo (ID=134) »

To know why Rackspace cloud is unique, read our article about Rackspace cloud and the coupon or read a few customer reviews.

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Web Hosting Coupons: DreamHost Promo Code

Use DreamHost promo code: CASH60 signing up at here to qualify for an instant discount of $60.

DreamHost is undoubtedly the most trustworthy hosting provider in the affordable web hosting sector. Read an in-depth review about DreamHost.

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