Rackspace Cloud Priority Maintenance

We will be performing a critical maintenance on Friday November 4th, 2011.  Because of this maintenance’s scope, this process is different than our usual process for routine maintenance windows.

This maintenance will begin on Friday, November 4th at 10:00 PM CDT (4:00 AM BST) and complete on Saturday, November 5th at 6:00 AM CDT (12:00 PM BST).

The maintenance will impact customers utilizing Cloud Servers, Cloud Files and Cloud Sites.

During the maintenance window, we will be performing an upgrade to our entire Cloud infrastructure.  Please note that throughout this time there will be no access to your Control Panel or the Cloud API.

Multiple systems within our infrastructure, including internal support tools, will also be affected. As a result of these infrastructure improvements, our ability to provide support will be limited until maintenance completion. We do not expect this update to result in any downtime to the Rackspace Cloud production environment, only to the management tools and API.

For real-time updates please visit the Rackspace Cloud Status page.

If you have any further questions concerning this maintenance, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our support team, via chat or via ticket.

Best Regards,

Rackspace Hosting Announcing Hybrid/Cloud Connect General Availability

Rackspace continues to reinforce its leadership role as the world’s leading specialist in the hosting and cloud industry by providing our Channel Partners with a complete portfolio of compute platforms‚ ranging from Dedicated Hosting to Private Cloud to Cloud and Email & Apps Hosting.

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Cloud Connect in the US. Through mixing-and-matching compute platforms in a “hybrid” scenario‚ Cloud Connect provides you the ability to link these multiple platforms into a seamless compute solution.

This new service provides you with the opportunity to engage with existing and new clients by creating the best configuration and optimal compute solution for their unique business needs.

Important Definitions
  • Hybrid Hosting: A single customer using multiple Rackspace platforms (i.e. Dedicated Hosting‚ Private Cloud‚ Rackspace Cloud‚ Email & Apps)
  • Cloud Connect: The linking of multiple Rackspace platforms (with an F5® load balancer or ASA firewall) into a seamless compute solution (i.e. Dedicated Servers + Rackspace Cloud)
Ideal Cloud Connect Configuration
  • The minimum configuration for Cloud Connect should be at least 5 servers in total between Dedicated and Cloud devices
Use Cases
  • Scalable Web Apps:
    • Dedicated Hosting with high performance‚ fully configurable gear for supporting predictable load
    • Leverage the Rackspace Cloud for spikes in load and scale storage on demand
  • Test‚ Development & Production:
    • Develop‚ test and stage on scalable‚ fast-to-deploy Cloud Servers
    • Promote directly to the Dedicated Hosting production environment
    • Scale up massively for full scale load testing‚ pay only for the time you’re testing
  • SaaS‚ VAR or Web Developer:
    • Mix-and-match Dedicated and Cloud Hosting to best support your customers’ individual needs and usage patterns
    • Connect Dedicated and Cloud to enable multi-customer central management of your SaaS application
Cloud Connect Key Benefits
  • Enables the right fit between customer application and compute platform
  • Provides a private‚ isolated link between Rackspace Cloud and Rackspace Dedicated environment‚ utilizing an F5 Load Balancer (LTM 1600 or higher) or Cisco® ASA firewall (5510 or higher)
  • Provides existing Dedicated and Cloud server service levels

Rackspace Cloud Servers (Cloud VPS) for Windows is out of Beta!

Rackspace Cloud: Last week we formally launched Cloud Servers for Windows and opened the doors for new customers. We only released Cloud Servers for Windows after a successful, strenuous beta program that thoroughly tested the product. Over two thousand customers, just like you, provided critical feedback that our developers expertly addressed. This feedback loop ensured that we had the right features in place and allows us to back our Windows offering with an industry leading SLA.

If you’re a .NET developer, small-to-medium sized business, or IT administrator, spinning up new servers takes little time and cost as little as $0.08 per hour. Watch a quick video to see how easy it is to create a Windows Cloud Server.

You can learn more about Cloud Servers for Windows, including pricing information, online at our website.

Quick News: RackSpace Cloud finally launched!

the rackspace cloud

Visit RackspaceCloud.com »

Mosso has been the pioneer of Cloud Hosting. One and a half year after the acquisition of Mosso by RackSpace, RackSpace has finally come out with its own branded cloud hosting based on what Mosso has achieved: RackSpace Cloud.

You can find a slightly more detailed report at here. Should you want to know more, here’s some Mosso and RackSpace cloud reviews and a cloud sites coupon code: (Code Hidden) you can use to sign up with the cloud sites plan for $25 off.