2-year Linode Review – Prince of Unmanaged Hosting

linodeUnmanaged hosting wasn’t my thing at first but as I was eager to learn something new and it’s just much cheaper than managed hosting, I found one with the most positive reviews – Linode.

It’s all simple and to the point. Period. And I never looked back after using them. Though it’s very much painful for me to manage the vps box myself, it’s a great learning experience after all and I did learn a lot!

Linode is probably the cheapest VPS in all unmanaged hosting companies but it’s far from the worst. In opposite, they are the best and most cost-effective. RAM of 512MB hardly comes by at less than $20 / month these days. And they have got a very hearty community of users! They are eager to help those who need tips to set up and harden their boxes against security breaches.

Their control panel is very cozy – not fancy but just to the point. Everything’s well aligned where they should be. Very well organized. Easy to use and very intuitive. I love it very much.

They also have a very comprehensive documentation library that you could look up stuff in case you don’t know how to do something by yourself.

The only down time I experienced was a power outage or something that lasted about 3 hours. Other than that, it’s all a breeze. The server is responsive and stable.

I would recommend Linode to anyone who’s good at managing the hosting server themselves!

4.8/5 from me.

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A Review of RackSpace Review

Disclaimer: I’ve never been with RackSpace (but the cloud hosting, Rackspace Cloud) hosting and everything is taken as it is from this review at WHT. I’m just a little surprised that a host like RackSpace could ever make such a mistake to introduce 8 hours of downtime to its clients (that is of course, if what the reviewer said was truth and precise).

The original RackSpace review can be found here. I tried to reply to the post but it is too old.

But pardon me, 8 hours of downtime? Whatever the reason it is and no matter how many times the CEO apologizes for this (it could very well be an employee who is assigned the job to apologize on behalf of the CEO or automated mass email), it’s simply unacceptable. I don’t know about the other sites you may have with them, but officedebo.com doesn’t seem to be a mission critical one with tons of traffic that’s probably making a dollar every second. If that is the case I doubt you will remain calm about the 8 hours downtime.

8 hours downtime is even barely acceptable for other hosting companies, let alone RackSpace, it’s absolutely way too MANY for a host like them. Support comes far second to uptime, no matter how good it is.

Imagine if there’s a host that can Godly guarantees all of your sites 120% uptime but with no support at all, will you pay as much as what rackspace charges you for it? I think the answer is pretty obvious.

Again, I’m just talking about the issue here as it is from the original reviewer. 8 hours downtime is indeed unacceptable however personally, this incident hardly sways my belief in RackSpace. They are still one of the top hosting providers out there that’s worth your trust. View more reviews of Rackspace.

Also, for Rackspace Cloud, their newly launched cloud hosting service, here are some customer reviews.