One-Click PuTTY SSH Auto-Login w/ Password

PuTTY is a wonderful application that enables you to connect to a server by SSH. You can  save a pre-configured session – host address, port, as well as other options that would make your life easier. And then you can click the saved session to start the pre-configured SSH session, thus don’t have to enter the host name and port every time you need to connect.

Once connected to the server, it will prompt you for user name and password. However, is there anyway to make it all automated? Like, after you double click the PuTTY shortcut in Windows, it will automatically connect to the remote server AND supply the SSH user name as well as password so you don’t have to.

A double-click is all it takes to establish the connection and log in the remote server. Is this possible?


Just create a shortcut of PuTTY with a command line like this:
C:\tools\putty.exe -load session_name -l your_user_name -pw your_password
Wherein session_name is the saved session name, your_user_name is your SSH login user name and your_password is the password. Change “C:\tools\putty.exe” to the path of your own putty.exe.

You can use this to make the SSH Socks5 VPN even more easier to use. See this post on Kavoir.

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